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Author Topic: Mains regulation, what's the good stuff?  (Read 14761 times)


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Re: Mains regulation, what's the good stuff?
« Reply #45 on: January 26, 2011, 06:31:00 PM »

For my remote tracking rig, I'm on the hunt for something that takes whatever garbage is coming in, stores it (in big caps?) and then regenerates a perfect AC sine wave for my gear (120v/15A) on the output....much like they do for sensitive medical equipment.  That would be ideal.

Unfortunately, I don't have the technical vocabulary to "specify" what I'm after so if someone gets what I'm saying and knows the term for it (online, double-conversion?), I'm all ears!

To me, the power goes OUT so rarely, I'm not worried about having batteries or a UPS. I'm more worried about having stellar power 99.99999% of the time.

I've been happy with my Furman AR15, which is silent but pricey for what it does!



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Re: Mains regulation, what's the good stuff?
« Reply #46 on: January 30, 2011, 03:29:11 PM »

The DAW UPS should be here by tomorrow. The electricity has been behaving well now, ever since they have been knocking down the snow from the trees around the air wires using a helicopter(!).

Peter Beckmann wrote on Wed, 26 January 2011 19:23

Are you hoping to keep working through an outage using the UPS or just protect the speakers and amps from tripping?

Really just to keep them from tripping. I might just adjust the time constant of the protection circuit though, since the power supply eats little sags easily. That way it wouldn't react to 0,1 second brownouts.

bblackwood wrote on Wed, 26 January 2011 19:40

Jaakko, I'm running 6kva of APC Smart UPS's here - everything but the amplifiers is on 'battery power'. Works GREAT, zero complaints. If the power is ever flaky here (it is occasionally) I still have solid, clean power.

I think I'll go for this, eventually. I'll just cope with it for this winter, the next season for power problems is going to be late summer with its thunderstorms.
Jaakko Viitalähde
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