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New 1000 sqft Warehouse Space

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Would like to set it up for tracking/mixing all in one large room.

Pics and FuzzMeasure tests attached....

Initial impressions?

Considering putting 44 rolls of R30 in all 4 corners for bass trapping, floor to ceiling.

It's very LIVE and the verb sound is not bad at all. But I want to be able to vary it with gobos and some permanent ceiling treatments...leaving the floor concrete with some area rugs here/there.  Accurate monitoring though seems to be my problem....that mid-bass bump in the graph is really audible!

Thomas Jouanjean:
Would make a great live room

If you want to mix as a professional, you'll need a dedicated Control Room.

It's all about what you need to get done and how fast.

Thanks Thomas,

I'm quickly coming to realize this is a comprimise no matter which way I slice it. I'm not here permanently so I'm not into investing in a mixroom.

What I'm after is the the value point where it makes some sense to invest some $$$ in treatments to get the most reasonably accurate listening environment for when I do mix in here.

I also know that some great records have been made and mixed outside of the conventional live-room/control-room setup.  Ideal? No. Possible? Yes.

Many thanks,


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