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Searching for: Chicago Transformer BI-6


John McEntire:
Trying to revive a dead ITA LA-1 limiter, and we are in need of this particular interstage transformer. Have done numerous searches that have yielded nothing...

If anyone out there might have any leads/ideas, they would of course be most appreciated - thanks in advance.


Mike Cleaver:
There are several companies world-wide who will take your dead transformer, dissect and reverse engineer it and make a new one.
Sowter in GB is one company that provides exact re-issues of classic transformers found in some of the more beloved gear, including RCA and Fairchild.
There are others.
Google is your friend.

industrial arts:
In addition to Sowter, here are some other xformer companiew to check out.

- Jensen
- Lundahl
- Cinemag
- Magnetic Components

If you contact their engineers, they should be able to supply you with a suitable replacement.  Some of the companies may have a replacement already spec'd for that application.

Mark Springer
industrial arts

Dan Kennedy:
You might check with Altran in Chicago.

They do some nice audio stuff reasonably and who knows might
have some legacy info?


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