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A difficult one...  from which year is this dialogue from:

[Lil sis, an underage girl, is about to leave arm in arm with Beau to 'show him around' when older sis intervenes]
Older sis: You're aware of his reputation, aren't you?
Lil sis: Oh, I love dangerous men... besides, I can always scream for help.
Beau: Wait a minute... let me hear you scream.
Lil sis [inhaling deeply, filling her lungs]: ...eeek... (barely listenable)
Beau: It's that the best you can do?
Lil sis: I'm afraid so.
Beau: And sometimes you lose your voice entirely?
Lil sis: Oh yeah!
Beau: Let's go!

ballpark estimates accepted ("early 1970s" for example)

Bonus points for those who identify:

The movie title
Who's playing the 'beau'
Who's playing the 'little sis'

No cheating!

Game ends after the first 10 replies with answers.

No takers?  

Tip: John Wayne is in this movie.

Ok, over 120 views and no takers...

Here goes the answers:

The movie is from 1931, the title is "Arizona", it is NOT a western, the Beau is played by John Wayne and the lil sis is played by Laura La Plante.

I would never imagine that such 'naughty' dialogue could have appeared in a 1931 movie...  specially involving an underage girl.

Barry Hufker:
I would have played but I was stumped.  And I enjoy John Wayne movies.  But I had no clue.  I was clueless.  Without an inkling.  No ink.  No ling.



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