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State of US healthcare - what we can do to not go bankrupt when we're sick

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Of course in the U.S. people should if at all possible purchase the best health insurance that they can, but no one should fool themselves into thinking that's enough.  Most bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to health costs, and most of those are for people who do have insurance.  Every plan requires some sort of payment at some point, and even if that payment isn't necessary until costs reach a certain point, and even if it is only a relatively small percentage, it still can be enough to wipe out all of a family's assets.  Short of overhauling the system, I'd recommend that anyone in such a position declare bankruptcy as soon as possible.  Do not sell your home, do not take out additional loans, do not sell anything at all unless it is absolutely necessary to meet the standards for bankruptcy.  To the best of my knowledge, once bankruptcy is declared you can't lose your primary residence or possessions.  There is currently no good solution.

I suppose that I'm fortunate among US residents in that I can fall back upon the UK's health system, if something awful were to crop up.

But -since this thread seems to be 'sanctioned' for the political aspects, it annoys me that the shrieking heads of AM radio constantly refer to the US medical system as "the best on the world".

There are some fabulous doctors and healthcare professionals in the United States. -But the rest of the world shares the cost collectively within their borders... the US doesn't, and I've been told -correctly or otherwise, I have no means to test- that the US may be the ONLY civilized western society which doesn't do that.

This I find to be shocking, and I'm glad that I have an option, in case my US insurance bales on me.


Les Ismore:
DarinK wrote on Thu, 20 January 2011 13:37

Short of overhauling the system

Time to overhaul. Interesting that the people who profess to be angry (tea baggers) are actually trying to re-enforce the corporate agenda. I was watching a show on CBC last month (Canada's public national network that does excellent investigative reporting) that was showing that your old buddy Karl Rove was the man behind this "grass roots" organization. They go to great effort to make it appear "grass roots" when in fact it's actually corporate roots.
They're not stupid..... they're evil.

EDIT: My memory is not as good as it used to be. Perhaps it was another senior Republican power broker instead of Rove. But I believe it was Rove. The real people behind the tea baggers go to great lengths to stay hidden.

Barry Hufker:
There is so much to say about the evils of the American Healthcare System.  Limiting my comments, I will say I find it odd that when discussing a person's illness, it can be freely said we should donate money to find a cure, but it is discouraged as "irrelevant" and "political" that we can't encourage people to fight against the diseased system driving the sick person to bankruptcy.


Eric H.:
Tidewater wrote on Thu, 20 January 2011 20:02

All the profits from the top 10 last week couldn't pay for one person's cancer treatments.

Who is making the prices?


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