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Tom L:

January 18, 2011 12:58 PM

Musicians Killed after Refusing to Play Longer

After members of the band La Excelencia in Guadalajara, Mexico refused to play more songs after closing time, irate members of the audience killed two members of the band and detonated a grenade inside the bar, Vida Divina, according to Mexican newspaper El Occidental.

A 26-year-old woman attending the concert was also shot and injured.

According to El Occidental, four drunk men aggressively demanded the band play more after their set ended - and they did - for a while. After they stopped around 4 a.m. local time Monday morning, one of the men threw a grenade at the stage, and people ran out of the bar. As they did, two of the band members were shot.

The victims were identified as Jonathan Jimenez, 22, the leader of the band, and Gustavo Alejandro, 35. Others were also injured in the explosion.

The shooters fled, and investigators said there is little information to go on because no one saw the vehicle that they used to leave.

Gun violence has risen in Mexico in recent years. According to the Associated Press, drug cartel turf battles around the country have left more than 30,000 people dead since December 2006.

As a person who loves Mexico and has lived on the border my entire life, their culture has always played a major role with me, Ive always convinced myself that the violence is not in my realm- I even spent 3 weeks in mexico city/surrounding areas last year just for the tacos and Diego Rivera/Frida Chalo murals ( and the ladies ofcourse).  Now I'm seriously starting to get scared of that place.

That shit about the band is ridiculous and horrifying!!!  Wow!!!

People dont realize that Mexico is actually the 14th richest country in the world, there is a lot money down there!  But they dont have the social infrastructure to handle it and these huge cartels gain real power from real money!!!  

Thanks for posting that!!


This is just another good reason to stay home, and read about life on the internet.

Nick Sevilla:
Tidewater wrote on Thu, 20 January 2011 16:42
This is just another good reason to stay home, and read about life on the internet.

Just as long as no one uses illegal drugs while doing so...

Nick Sevilla:
I own a ranch in the State of Mexico.

A neighbor two ranches across from me, had his entryways hut destroyed by drug planters, and then these people tried to take over the ranch.
They did shoot and kill the ranch's caretaker.
Now we have Federales all over the region, and apparently the drug planters have left.

This was apparently because the ranch is not being used much, and has a good amount of clean clear land to use for crop planting.

My issue is really about how the government is so in bed with the drug lords that it is virtually impossible to get rid of them legally. Illegally though, well... anything goes.

I'm glad I know some Army people. With Big Guns. I hope I do not have to call on them.

My ranch hand is always armed, and was trained by an army friend of my dad's a long time ago. So was I for that matter.

I do find the comments from Americans here in the Us, and other people from other countries which do not have a long history of lawlessness. Most comments are along the lines of "oh, boo hoo, how violent" instead of any sort of realization about why the violence is there.

Again, as before, I condemn all persons that use illegal drugs, especially in the US, since they are the root of the problem.



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