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Author Topic: It's 1980 again: Fairlight CMI Returns!  (Read 4673 times)

Fenris Wulf

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Re: It's 1980 again: Fairlight CMI Returns!
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2011, 01:39:45 am »

So why would anyone buy a hardware sampler in this day and age? I can think of a VERY good reason. Sure, modern software samplers can store massive multi-sampled instruments. But you can't PLAY them.

Every DAW on the market has a completely unpredictable amount of MIDI jitter, ranging from 5 ms to 20 ms, enough to affect the feel of the music. When you hook up an external controller to a sofware sampler, and it's like somebody encased your keyboard in a thin layer of rubber.

As a keyboardist, I find this to be less than acceptable.

For this and many other reasons, I am
with DAW technology. I've struggled for years to make it work right and I've had enough. I'm never spending another penny on it. As soon as we have the money for a 2" machine, the DAW is getting thrown off the roof.

If I do electronic-oriented music in the future, I'll be using hardware samplers, hardware synths, and hardware sound modules. For sequencing I'll use an Atari ST chasing SMPTE off the 2".

Pianos and organs will be the real thing. The cost of an old upright piano, an old electric piano, or a Hammond M3 with a DIY Leslie compares favorably to the cost of software emulations.
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