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regulated power for tube mics-- impact on sound?

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    I simply meant to comment upon the differences between the 2 differing topologies/methodologies (not to imply that 3pin ic's don't have opamps in them)....as I have found the discrete style of Mr.Jung's favorable within the conditions and applications i have employed them, in comparison to the more "traditional" 3pin ic.

    And of course I never meant to imply that the use of said 3pin ic's necessitate a noisy supply, simply that i have found otherwise to have less noise in comparison (again in this type of application, and depending upon the implementation the opposite could occur)....as for example the Drefahl supply is quite low in noise.

    Absolutely, appropriate filtering of any ac-dc conversion-regulation circuit is paramount to well performing power supplies, regardless of regulation topology and should span an entire circuit consideration as well...(this is also something i feel has been sometimes executed to a lowest common denominator)

...my apologies for not being more specific and possibly adding confusion.

    What about a bi-polar discrete shunt...maybe Bruno Putzeys could chime in...I believe he might use this methodology in his Grimm audio tube power supply.

David Bock:
yes the three term regs have op amps another can of worms.
@r-ap.sci the EAR & blue supplies I mentioned are shunts. You also went on about discreet vs. ic for heater but failed to mention setup. For example, a 3 terminal device can be used effectively as a current source for a heater which is quieter than using it as a v reg.

Very true Mr.Bock...I was just speaking from my experiences with my experiments and what I know of some popular supplies.. and thanks for the info on the Blue and EAR supplies as I did not know what they were and wasn't about to get some and open them up! Do you have a favored topology regarding regulation (if any) for your offerings? Or are they designed and implimented on a case by case basis? I do not mean to pry or overstep any line of proprietary stuff of yours...its just that being a designer of your regard it would be great to hear what you think is best for your offerings and why...perhaps giving us some food for thought!

David Bock wrote on Thu, 20 January 2011 12:50
... but let's not loose the woods for the trees here. The point is that a PSU can influence a mic's audio quality. I am no expert and have limited experience as I stated in my post above.

Ahh, but that's the point, you  listened. One of the traps for audio design is believing in something's superiority before listening. I could write a whole paper on this but don't have time today.

Well, I do try!

... but more on 'listening', I happened to go to the West LA music demo day and a very cool guy from your shop was demo'ing each of your current line-up, David.  Here's a plug for you - I was floored by the sound of your 251.  

Mind you, I was just talking through each of the mics (while my speaking voice won't shatter glass, my singing voice likely would!), and he had a Mackie 1604 there that I was listening to through monitor cans... but the Bock 251 really stood out as linear and balanced.  I even liked it better than your flagship model with the elliptical capsules.

In keeping with the subject of this thread, I noticed that all of your mics except the 195 use dedicated PSUs.  How much of your sound comes from this design  decision - is it possible to get the same sound from a P48 mic?

-Terrence Town


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