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Fitting a k87 capsule without the leads already attached

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Thanks for the clarification, Klaus.



P.S.: the dent in the diaphragm is not nice. While it does not look like a hole (bad for the damping of diaphragm movement), its depth may interfere with the free movement of the diaphragm against the back plate, which is only 40

There's nothing that can be tested without hooking it up electrically to SOMETHING... -So I'd proffer that it might be a good idea to hook it up and have a listen.

Even if it's touching the backplate at rest, it still won't stop it from producing sound, it would just alter the free movement of the diaphragm to a greater or lesser extent... think of a tapping drum skin with a finger gently touching it in one spot as an analogy.

-It might be quite acceptable, and if you turn it so that it's the REAR diaphragm surface, it wouldn't have any significant effect in cardioid; just omni and fig-8.

I've certainly had a diaphragm which had a similar dent, which the owner was entirely happy with... and it was on the FRONT diaphragm. -Your mileage may indeed vary.

As for cleaning; I've seen worse capsules be perfectly fine, and it'd be impossible to judge merely by the picture.

You be the judge; -try it, and see.



If you're very lucky, that dent could be right over one of the holes in the backplate and be no trouble at all.

Or it might not.

Thanks very much for your help everyone.

I guess the best thing to do is to slap it on my mic and see how it sounds...


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