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Hi all --

Needless to say I was more than a little bit surprised this morning as well... I was doing the NAMM thing all weekend, and while I got an email from Brad about it I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about.

There have been more than a few emails sent to the head honchos at the mother-ship corporation and hopefully this stuff will get sorted out sooner than later.  In the meanwhile, I'd kinda suggest that we all post here until that is out of what I would kinda consider its "beta" period.

It probably would have been nice if they had sent a memo or something to the mods / administrators of our little community... but obviously that ship has sailed.  Again, I suggest that before we get into a panic / despair / lamented loss situation it would be kind of a good thing to give it at least a few days and maybe we can figure out how to make a bit smoother transition.

We'll [as in the moderation / administration staff] will be sure to keep everyone filled in as we know more about what's going on / is possible.



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