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digi 003 and protools 9 - beware

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If you are thinking of buying a digi 003 and using it with protools 9 or 8, I strongly suggest you don't. Please see


This issue has been ongoing for 6 months (the digi 003 control surface freezes and become unusable) and NOTHING has been done about it by AVID.

With protools 8 you will be ok as far as you don't install the cs3 update (which introduces the issue). The 003 does simply not work with protools 9

Dozens of digi003 owners have been let down by Avid, don't risk being one of them! It is a black shame


I've got Pro Tools 9 and a Digi003R on an 8-core Mac Pro and a Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro both running Snow Leopard.

Everything works, and I've had one - that's right, ONE crash since I installed PT9 the weekend after it was released.  By far the most stable version of Pro Tools I have ever used. I couldn't be happier.

yes, forgot to say (as you can read in the DUC forum) that it is a windows only issue. However this should be of interest to everyone investing in avid's products: do you want to rely on a company that will let down their customers in such way?

I mean, 6 months without a working unit... do you want to risk that? No decent company would ever do so. Choose avid, and you may be next...

I DON'T rely on Microsoft


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