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Author Topic: Trouble installing Samp v9 in a new Win7 Pro64 box  (Read 3673 times)


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Trouble installing Samp v9 in a new Win7 Pro64 box
« on: January 11, 2011, 11:07:48 pm »

Anyone done this successfully?

I'm trying to install Samp Pro v9 on my new Win7 Pro64 DAW. So far, I can't get past the CodeMeter Startup page. It says the CodeMeter is locked and that I need to unlock it so it can be enabled. I can't find info anywhere on how to unlock it so now I'm stuck. I've followed Samp's installation steps but no luck so far.

Samp board is down so I'm hoping someone here has already done this.

Also, will Samp v9 run under Win7 Pro64 normally or do I have to install all of the XP mode stuff? If so, can that be done w/o the DAW being connected to the net?

Can anyone offer any help/suggestions...?
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