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Do build quality standards mean anything to the Chinese?

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Is any audio technology made in China that isn't a total piece of crap?  It seems like with every company, when they decide to move the manufacturing over to China, the build quality (and QC) becomes nonexistent.


I'm just pissed about the Walmartification of America.


Barry Hufker:
Yes, at least one "audio technology" is beautifully made -- Eastman guitars.  While not specifically "audio" but rather "musical", Eastman guitars are gorgeous instruments rivaling the best of anyone's.  They are hand-made in China. I own the PG1 and it is simply a marvelous instrument.


Most ADDA interfaces?  Any computer used to record anything digital? Most (all?) soundcards/FW interconnects?

Most (all?) of the actual components inside your hi end "made in USA" stuff?

Almost all tubes

If you use any electronic device, you owe it to the Chinese..get used to it.

I have a Recording King banjo that I'm very happy with, although it is round, not angular.

Most keyboard stuff I've worked on with Chinese assemblies seem to have suffered in quality from the Sino contributions.
OEM'ing a line of electronic pianos to China seems to be responsible for pretty much destroying at least the American distributer of General Music.

They do make pretty good mic pres, though...


Almost all tubes

Haven't knowingly used a Chinese made tube in 15 years.
Russian/East European or NOS, baby.


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