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Speaking of SSL computers...

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I've wondered why it is necessary to maintain these old things and why there hasn't been some kind of aftermarket upgrade to these relics.  

Can't make money selling them.

The hardware interface is too specific, and there's no 'one-size-fits-all' aspect to it... different installations have different channel numbers, etc.

Plus, the SSL software was pretty much the dogs bollocks back in the day. -Coming up with something better (you can't just clone it) is never going to be cheap!


The number of 4,5,6, K consoles made is below 300, so do the math.

The processing is a piece of cake, so do you keep the 20+ year old I/O cards and write new code for the dodgy racks or make new I/O racks as well?  There are tried and true industrial systems that could adapt without monumental effort as the Z80 was the automated assembly line workhorse for over a decade, but then do you replace ribbons, KVM, etc?

It would be nice just to tell that confounded SCART video output to KMA, but at what cost?  And who knows what "A Day at the Beach" might look like at a higher resolution?  Could be scary.

Find the Bell Labs geeks behind the ATT Core console, and you would get a real insider perspective.  They cracked TR to operate a digital console.

" The number of 4,5,6, K consoles made is below 300"

Do you rather mean 3000 ?


Gotta be MORE than 1,000.

I remember the 1,000th console (a 4k) being installed.



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