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Larrchild wrote on Fri, 07 January 2011 19:07
With all due respect to the most excellent content here, it seldom loads properly, or on the first try for me. Also, the 2.5 hrs it's down every day are when I'm most lucid! lol. I hope that like other popular sites, backup can occur in the background!

Thanks to recent bouts of insomnia I now know that PSW is off-line between 4 and 6 AM!

We're considering some changes, but they aren't ready for prime time...

What happens during those 2 hours ?    main frame backing up or something?

Yep - it was indeed mainframe backup.

The "new forums" are actually on-line now so please go to the top of the page - hit "Forums" - find R/E/P and register.

The R/E/P forums will have its own log-in and sign up / registration criteria and will be separate from the LAB and other forums within a week or so.

The current forums will be 100% archived in a "read only" format - and some selected threads will be brought from the archives to the new forums [not all but some].  You will of course be welcome to start [or re-start] any thread you would like once we move into the new house.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post them in my forum [I don't get down here all that often] and I will do my level best to address them as quickly as possible... in the meanwhile, the whole move is a good thing, and it appears that things will flow much better than they have in the past.



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