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Setting Up Rehearsal/Recording Room

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Really? don't build a drum room? Ok, I will try these ideas first. What are gobos? can you see trough them?

Read around this forum as much as you can stand.
You might get some ideas even from seemingly non-applicable threads.

For the walls I would recommend 2" Owens-Corning 703 rigid fiberglass wrapped in the open weave fabric of your choice.

2' off the floor, vertical, spaced 2' apart.

There are lots of ways to make gobos.

For your purpose any wooden structure with fiberglass on both sides should work.

2' x 4' is a nice size for these as well.


Re drum room, just easier to communicate when everyone's in the same room. Good drummers can cook at reasonable volumes.

Thomas Jouanjean:
This could help.

BBC Gobos

Tiled Floor, plaster ceiling, plaster walls!  You could rehearse synchronised swimming in there. Wearing earplugs of course.
Spend some time assembling a User Kit on that Yamaha Electronic Kit.
This makes a night and day difference. From nonsense to quite OK.
Some decent cans and you are all set. Later you might consider power soaks or Pods for the guitars. Rehearsal without the noise is much more accurate, quicker, and fun. This is all about compromise but trust me, User Kit makes enough of a difference to tip the scales.



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