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I have a 17x24 tiled room with a 9x10 room attached. I was planning on putting a 6x4 plate glass window I found for 20 bucks in the wall between the two rooms making the smaller room a drum room, and throwing pad and carpet over the tile. I just got a Behringer PMH500 20ch powered mixer, 2 pv115's @ 400 rms,and a 120 watt keyboard amp, and a zoom mrs802b recorder. The guitar and bass guys bring amps when they come.

We have practiced in the big tiled room unmixed and it was a mess, so I am wondering if I am taking the right approach by isolating and miking the drums, carpeting the floor, put up sound foam in the corners or where needed, and run everything through the mixer if this will make a huge difference.

Any advice and criticism is eagerly awaiting.


The wall to the left of the scope will get the plate glass

Amazing, 80 people looked at this and no advice. Well then let me ask this question, does anyone know any forums that are more responsive ?

Ethan Winer:
I would have replied, but in all honesty I don't understand what you're asking.


Same here.

But I will say that I also have a telescope in my room, and it sees a lot of fun usage.

Jeese, you guys are no help at all.

(I was waiting to see what the more knowledgeable would offer.)

Rob, if you haven't left for good yet...

No. don't isolate the drums and complicate the situation by miking everything.

Put some treatments on the walls to kill reflections and damp the levels down.

Build a few gobo's to protect sensitive ears from sonic laser beams emitted by snare drums and guitar amps.

Play with placement to optimize everyone's rehearsing pleasure.

Oh, and ditch the electronic drums. They suck.


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