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Has somebody made a unit or worked with it?
Might this be worth a try? It seems reasonably priced if it does what it says.


Thank you,


Yes, I've built a pair of their Rev A's and they sound great. They sound slightly more aggressive than UA Rev D's in that you  can hear a slight touch of distortion in the top end. As far as noise floor, I can't hear the difference,  but  someone had measured it and the specs were pretty close.

I think I'll go for a pair of them. Do you know, how much you've spent on the other parts? How long did it take to solder one?

Oh I don't know, maybe another $50 plus the $60 for the PCB.

Greg Dixon:
I've built a pair of the Rev D and a Rev A. Both sound great. The cases look good and they transformers are inexpensive and sound really good. I'd previously built 4 of the Rev F (I think). I like the A and D slightly more.


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