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groove tube brick?

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fiasco ( P.M.DuMont ):
I seem to remember that Terry Manning uses them for the pre.

I have six of them, and use them when I run out of my better preamps.

They are fine, but I do agree that they are somewhat shy of gain on some quiet sources, and sometimes a pad would be helpful.

The switches on the back don't bother me.

Often used on elec gtr, wurli, not much on bass.

Tubes, decent transformers, OK.

Another note: they're discontinued.  You have a source on used ones, J?

Here is a store in KY that has at least one new for sale...maybe check with them and see if they have more.

 http://cgi.ebay.com/Groove-Tubes-Brick-1-Channel-Mic-Preamp-  and-DI-Box-/270683142958?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item 3f05f8fb2e

BTW, if you get any, I highly recommend painting the top case black...they are really ugly otherwise.

I was thinking maybe to paint mine bright yellow or lime green, will this make them sound too bright?


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