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groove tube brick?

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anyone have a lot of experience with this mic pre?

they are cheap, and i'm looking for something "less then pristine" sounding.

i've been using my evil twin DI as a mic pre (without the mic pre mod) and it's pretty cool.  just looking for something different.

This is one of the things I tell my home recordist friends/clients to get.

But equally at home in the studio and definitely a different sound than solid state stuff I've used, e.g. 312, TG2, Quad Eight, etc.


I have two of them.  Love them on overheads to smooth out cymbals. A little "tubby" as a bass DI...  Worth having for sure!

I have 2 of them, have used them for keyboards mostly and as a bass guitar DI.
I really like them on the digital keyboards.

We (as you know) have four.  While I like them, I find: 1.) the 55dB of gain is not enough for quiet sources or ribbon mics, 2.) the lack of pad forces the use of an inline pad for loud sources, and 3.) the power and 48V switches on the back are inconvenient.


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