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What were they doing with 50's music in the US?

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I put on the 50's channel on sirius and every damn song just sounds so good. In the USA:  Were they using condensers or mostly ribbon?? u47's? which ones??   most importantly, what preamps? what compressors?    All tube reel to reels I assume, were they multi tracked or recorded all in one room mostly?

The sound of the echo chambers are obvious, but was plate common in the usa then?   Was the orchestra in the same room? they always put tons of reverb on the orchestra which sounds so sweet!!

songs like- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hrwJvdPtwI



Ive looked online and every damn thing always leads into the beatles and the 60's!!


tom eaton:
Big bands, big rooms, few mics, desks with few inputs.  Printed to two or three tracks at most.  Live takes with superb performers, and the best players playing the best arrangements.  Homework done in advance.  

We've come so far, huh?


Totally!! They just dont make em like they used to!!

tom eaton:
The thing that kicks my ass about that time period is this... when folks came back to the control room for playback... they heard THE MIX.  Done, no going back, no tweaking... the mix.  The engineer was performing live, too.

Love it.


This Magic Moment by The Drifters is technically a little out of the norm for the day.
1" 8 track.
Tom Dowd engineering.


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