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Cant hear the bottom

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I'm monitoring on proac 100's with an adcom 555 amp. also on self-powered dynaudio bm15a's. the audio passes from a UA2192 (d/a) thru a coleman TB4 (volume control/monitor switcher box).

for some reason my room just soaks up bass. i cant gauge it for shit when mixing. i just blew out the left speaker in my minivan while testing a mix that had ridiculous bottom that i just couldnt hear in my room...

i posted in the "whatever works" forum...leaning toward adding a subwoofer and asking how to do it...but it was suggested there that subwoofers won't help the problem in the room. and one brother suggested i post here.....

i know the problem is the room...i thought that's why subwoofers are used...no??? i dont think i can get into construction right now, but any other ideas would be much appreciated

rob laufer

Subwoofers are not to compensate for a bass sucking room.
They are to extend LF bandwidth and power handling of the monitor system.

You probably don't need to do any construction, most likely you need some bass trapping acoustic treatment, perhaps in the corners, etc. Every room is different though.

What are the dimensions and wall/floor/ceiling coverings now?

Where in the room are your monitors/desk/etc., relative to the walls?

It is quite often a back to front approach in basic rooms.
If you can't hear the bass you probably need to add bass trapping.

I had success in a friends place using large rolls of loft insulation.
I simply kept them in their packaging, stood them upright in the corners of the room and placed simple fabric covered frames in front to disguise.
I think I stacked 2 rolls in each corner and got a couple hidden behind furniture too.

Be aware this was a minimum budget approach to help get the room more usable. It did work reasonably well and after I moved a few things around it actually got to be a decent room.

Have you checked your measurements (dimensions)? In the room i am referring to I found that the distance between speakers, listening position and boundaries shared many matches or multiples. Moving the speakers a little helped a lot too.

Bogic Petrovic:
compasspnt wrote on Wed, 15 December 2010 23:39
You probably don't need to do any construction, most likely you need some bass trapping acoustic treatment, perhaps in the corners, etc.....

Blastula, if you buy a couple of packages of rockwool and simply put it on the floor in your room, and listen your music again, you will easily notice that (some of) low end frequencies "are back" and you can hear it again.

That does the trick!

Classic bass trapping is only more effective, aesthetic and practical method to bring back low end sound in any room.

Waves with large wavelength (you called it "bottom"), cancel each other because reflections from walls... if you absorb it on the walls/corners (dissipate it)... there will be much smaller amount of reflected waves to cancel your direct main wave.

Subwoofers can't resolve this because nature of (phase) cancellation problem. If you put more acoustical energy in room, more will be reflected then more will be cancelled, and this way we can't have any benefit.

Hope this helps




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