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Seb Riou wrote on Wed, 15 December 2010 00:50
I really like Deftone's "Diamond Eyes"

It's their best album to me, though my whole life changed with "bored" !

Lanois' "Black Dub", cool as F***

+1 to the newest Deftones... Great sounding, and great songs.. I couldn't listen to anything else for months..

Patrik T:
lovelikefire -dust

el duderino:
black keys
black angels
tame impala
florence + the machine
Fitz and the tantrums

and a whole lot of good local stuff

Josh McArdle:
In Case of Fire - Align the Planets - epic sounding album. It's got that "apocalyptic" vibe.

Capricorns - River, Bear your Bones - a friend turned me onto this the other day. Post-metal instrumental stuff. Quite an interesting sounding album too.

Khoma - The Second Wave - dense post-metal from Sweden. Guitars are incredible. Some really interesting sounds on the album too.

Young the Giant - Young the Giant


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