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Optifile tetra schematics

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Ted Olausson:
Does anyone have the schematics or know anything about the electronics who control the floppy?

The system cant read or write floppies and the drive has been replaced without any difference.
From what i could see on the circuitboard there are one complete floppycontroller-in-a-chip and three other normal 74xx chips that is all that is connected between the drive and the cpu.

WD1772PH-00-02 seems to be quite hard to find locally too, so if anyone in sweden has one (or an old atari with that chip inside they want to sell) please contact me.

Ted Olausson:

Ted Olausson:
Now it works again!! Burnt trace inside the multilayer circuitboard...

Regarding the total lack of response: am i the only one in the world now, who can repair optifile???

Geoff Emerick de Fake:
Have you tried contacting Jean Pierre Lafont?
His new venture:

Ted Olausson:
If he was the original constructor, then Yes we did...
-We got one answer from him and then nothing more

But we also mailed every possible studio/repairplace and everything else that we could think of, but no useful answers from anyone.
-Thats why i had to reverseengineer it to fix it, but now it works again


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