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speaker decoupling from floor/building structure


for my B&W nautilus 800 I'm trying to figure out if there's a good/better/ best way to eliminate low-freq vibrations to the building structure .. they're standing on a floating floor which is based on rubber pads / frame filled with rockwool / wood-osb / under-layment / wooden floor ... the speakers are currently on spikes and on a marble plate  ... see attached pictures .. would some kind of machine rubber/sylomer unther the marble do the trick ... main focus is to eliminate vibrations to connected rooms in the house ..
or would the result after all efforts be minimal .. ???
what's the best way to handle this ..

Thomas Jouanjean:
Hi Wim! Welcome to this little forum

What's the weight of your speakers + marble etc?

There are some solutions but I need that info...

Thomas ..

thnx for the rep.

Some confusion because the 800 & 800D are different in weight.
the 800 are 275lb / 124.74 KG
the 800d are 102.06 KG

so mine are 124.74 KG .. the marble is variable, I'm replacing the current .. I'll give you the total weight ASAP.

Thomas Jouanjean:
Got the marble weight yet?


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