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Clarence Kane: The Ribbon Mic Man

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Klaus Heyne:
I have used the services of Clarence Kane (ENAK) over the years, and was always pleased with his loving approach to ribbon mic restoration.

k jacobson:
I just recently had an RCA BK-5A restored by Clarence. He replaced the ribbon and wiring, and refinished it.  It looks like new again.  Great work! It's interesting to read a story on him, and I'm glad there are such people still around. Thanks for posting the article!

Wow!  thanks for the link.  Clarence has done work on my RCAs for years and now I can put a face behind the voice.  He's right across the river ($4 shipping via FedEx) but I've never been to his place.  Couldn't find a nicer or more highly-skilled guy.  He also did a beautiful job matching a 2nd 4038 to the one I had.
His shop is just as I imagined it would be.  I must make the trip sometime.
David Lawrence

Wow, Clarence did my ribbons about 15 years ago. He was pretty up there in age back then.  Not that age is a problem at all... I had heard he took on an apprentice a few years back. I'm glad he's still "the man". A great guy indeed.


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