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Somebody's going to post this, might as well be me:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gszni4TOATo&feature=playe r_embedded

Hey Chuck!

Les Ismore:
I bet that it's very good. Probably uses a lot of dsp off of one of their wimpy cards though. the plug in is reasonably priced at $350 (just a bit more than the price of a roll of 2") but I would suspect that you would need a uad2 quad card to run a lot of instances of it and that costs $1500. And then probably another one to run the rest of your plugs. I wish they would go native, but then they wouldn't be exclusive would they? I own 3 of their UAD1 cards so I can't demo it.  An instance count would be nice if anyone here demos it on their uad2.
Eventually they will have to go native IMO, it's just a matter of time.

Another example of selling lies and fantasy -  the pro audio standard practice these days.

Looks like 24 stereo and 40 mono instances per quad card.



J.J. Blair:
kats wrote on Wed, 01 December 2010 18:15
Another example of selling lies and fantasy -  the pro audio standard practice these days.

I don't think anybody with any real experience expects any plug-in to sound "just like the real thing."  And no marketing department would be doing their job if they didn't sell it as being "just like the real thing."

The thing for me is that UAD plug-ins consistently please my ears more than just about every other manufacturer, and for the most part give me the flavor of their real life counterparts to the extent that my ITB mixes are pretty goddamn close to analog mixes.  

As far as native goes, I have a hard time believing that 20 instances in native wouldn't tax your processors.


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