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Seb Riou:
Hey all,
After several yeras of engineering and mixing, I'm starting to take my first producing gigs.

One is a deal with a solo artist, live Piano and vocals recording in a nice concert Hall, kinda "best of" his songs and unreleased material. So in that case, no real creative input but the choice of songs , and performance drive.

The second one is a more inside job, with a  rock singer on the come back after a bad Major experience. Has a bunch of songs, but some heavy work still on the go.

Both projects have a good following (audience and pro) but no  Label contract right now.

How would you deal the terms of contract ? What percentage of record sells ? Would you do it without a record label ? Would you charge the artist for studio time (that would make HIM the producer I guess ?)

I'll do the projects anyway, cos They're both great Artists, and I am what they need right now to make the step up, but every input is welcome

A normal Producer deal might be between 2 and 4 points (point = 1% of retail price). Often an advance against royalties is given, could be anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 usually recouped before you would receive further royalties.

Studio time is separate, unless you want to roll things in together as a package.

These days, from Producer perspective as much up front as possible is advisable, as points do not mean what they used to.

just seconding terry's comment.

Hey J, what did you get for "producing" In the Pines?

dmorrre wrote on Sat, 20 November 2010 11:22
Hey J, what did you get for "producing" In the Pines?

the satisfaction of getting a record deal for one of my best friends.

how are those questeds working out?


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