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deleted, was repeating myself

Hi Tony,  I am Curious as why you did not try the updated Radar convertors

You mean the Nyquist?

Well the problem with RADAR is that you cannot track and monitor at the same time if your using the converters for PT. You have to use the ADA system for that. 10k plus extras for HD compatibility - too much, especially for a format I'm not in love with

Anyone I got in here that was willing to use RADAR was willing to use Tape, otherwise it was PT. So now I just do Tape or PT.

Geoff Emerick de Fake:
kats wrote on Sun, 14 November 2010 19:12
I had to replace an old  RADAR (classic cards) system last week with the new Apogee (Apogee/symphony whatever TF they're called now - they replace the ADX series)  system due to workflow issues.

I just had a look at their website. You mean you have replaced the original iZ converters with Apogees?
How do you connect the Symphony to the RADAR?
Have you tested the ADDA process or just listened to previously recorded stuff?

By replaced, I mean the RADAR system is gone. The Apogee Symphony system plugs directly into the HD core card.  


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