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I had to replace an old  RADAR (classic cards) system last week with the new Apogee (Apogee/symphony whatever TF they're called now - they replace the ADX series)  system due to workflow issues.

I always preferred the sound of tape over these RADARS, but I figured I wasn't a big fan of RADAR systems. So I was kind of looking forward to the latest incarnations of the new digital age.

Talk about being underwhelmed. 10 years later and this is where we're at? Give me a break...

Barry Hufker:
...and RADAR's "Classic" cards aren't even their best converters...


And just to be clear, I don't think these Apogee's are bad. I am just wondering out loud if we've come to a brick wall as far as 24 bit recording is concerned.

Is this it?

What other converters have you tried? I don't think that Apogee are considered the... apogee... of converters, are they?

I had RADAR classics, pretty much all the apogees, and I still own my UA 2192.   I guess the question begs:

Have the been any technological advances to make digital conversion any better in the last few years?


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