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Taming Desk Reflections

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I presented some tests to show how much damage these reflections can do. Plus how an angle can pretty much solve it sometimes.
http://www.gearslutz.com/board/studio-building-acoustics/570 976-desktop-reflection-revealed.html


The desk.. yes, such a problem. I just solved (diagnosed) a problem for a mastering client of mine. He had put together a second room based on some room proportions we used for an earlier room and stuck some gear in there. They tried and tried and couldn't get rid of problems with imaging, and ability to resolve small changes in eq, etc (1/2 dB.. can't hear it??).. In the original room, they had no such issues.

We spoke for a while on the phone and ended up discussing the 'old style' mastering desk they were using. I told him that without measuring or hearing the problem, it certainly sounded like the kinda of smearing that could be caused by early reflections off the desk. I suggested he try loosing the desk all together and see what happened. If it was good, then he could justify the purchase of a proper mastering console such as those from Sterling Modular (very popular with mastering engineers)..

Low and behold, I heard back from him about a week later and he told me.. "as usual, you were right on the money. The desk was a major part of the problems we were having. Now that we swapped it out for a proper desk we can hear small adjustments and the image is locked right in"...

Amazing! Acoustic consult via phone call... (and no charge to boot!.. such a deal).



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