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Stereo imaging with splayed ceiling.

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Hi folks,
I followed the advice in this thread http://recforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/t/32612/21705/ and have moved the monitors to fire down the length of the room.
You can see in the photos and plans in that thread that the ceiling is very splayed meaning that the ceiling is much higher on the rhs of the speakers and listening position than it is on the lhs.

Can anyone give me any advice on what sort of absorption/diffusion solutions would help to get a better stereo image?
We can fabricate absorbers/diffusors as need be. My partner in the studio is a carpenter.

Thanks in advance,

in your case you want a thick cloud mounted with decent distance to the cellig, with a large surface area.
You need to treat all speacular celling reflections over the whole frequnecy range above the schr

Thanks Constantin,
I'm looking up cloud designs at the moment. I'm wondering where exactly to install it. Should I install it over the mix position and parallel with the floor or at an angle to either the floor and walls?

Just a couple of quick questions:-

When you're talking about treating all specular reflections above the Schroeder frequency, I assume you mean that I would need an RPG cloud. To be honest, we're operating on a shoestring here and can't afford to by any readymade solutions. Also, the cost of fabricating RPG is not feasible at the moment.
So, I'm thinking of fabricating something like this and making it double thickness, i.e. using 2 sheets of rigid insulation and maybe putting a layer of Rockwool between the insulation and the covering cloth.
What do you think?

It is quite simple

Just stack 2 layers of 100mm (20cm in total) light insulation (about 5kPa s/m


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