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Is there a spectral audio editor (like those found in adobe audition) that is compatible with pro tools and mac? Very powerful tool to have, but i've only ever heard of it in Audition, oddly.

iZotope RX might be what you're looking for.  It is amazing: you can usually remove unwanted sounds or information without a sonic penalty.  

iZotope RX IS amazing.
Haven't tried version 2 yet but the Lasso selection is an incredible idea.

Oh! Haha I have it waiting on my iLok with a demo. I will try it thanks.

Yeah I'm looking for the feature that allows you to wipe out unwanted noises like string talk or little blips/scratches/coughs/etc

RX is great. I'm going to buy RX2 this month as it's on special until October 31st.

I used RX recently to reduce pedal noise from a piano recording, which was very subtle but annoying. It did a great job, so I'm buying it for myself.


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