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installing RPG room treatment

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Otitis Media:
It was suggested that I post this here:

So my little spot production room has awful dimensions (narrow, long, tall) and is ringy. I got one of those RPG kits, but strangely enough, there's no instructions about where to place all the stuff. I guess I should just go for what looks cool?

Any ideas?

I know it's not going to be perfect - that's fine for what I do


I don`t know your room, nothing about the use of the room, and i don`t know which kind of elements are included in this RPG Kit.
As soon as you offer us some more specific info`s we are able to help.


Ethan Winer:
I'm with Constantin - more info needed. I can tell you that "ringy" implies to me flutter echo. So that means treating at least one of each pair of offending opposing surfaces. But mix rooms also need plenty of bass trapping.


Otitis Media:
Yes, sorry - I'm just initially stumped by the total lack of any instructions. Like - how am I supposed to know where to put this stuff on the walls, other than using a mirror to locate first reflections, etc?

Anyway, the room is 16' deep, 9.5' high and 6.5' wide. Great dimensions for a short-decay echo chamber, perhaps. It's what I've got to work with, though. I think the kit is an RPG "silver" kit (it's at work, I'm at home, right now) and it came with just a tiny tube of adhesive.

Needless to say, I'm confused.

Barry Hufker:
Isn't this where you ask the guys who sold you the stuff?  After all, they're the ones with your money...



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