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Is there a way to check a bass trap?

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Bogic Petrovic:
This may be good idea, because electric impedance of boxed loudspeaker
is indeed very sensitive to near obstacles (acoustic impedances),
and measurement of electric impedances is much easier and precise.

BTW, reasonable and standard method, using room RT60 measurement, is described in
"Multichannel surround sound systems and operations", AES TECHNICAL COUNCIL
Similar paper with slightly relaxed limits is
Subjective assessment of audio quality - the means and methods within the EBU

Although this papers are about surround sound, there aren’t many reasons why it can't be usable for stereo.
Even if we don't know directly about bass trap efficiency (acoustical impedance or absorption coefficient),
with RT60 measurement we can get (some) info about overall room acoustic behavior (reason why we use bass traps).

Is there a way to check a bass trap?

Hmmm, I had assumed just open it up, peek in, and see if you had trapped any basses inside.

But be careful...before you stick your hand in, use a flashlight to see if there are any eyes shining back.

They can be vicious like mongeese.

Terry, Have they left you out on the beach in the bright sun too long again?  'Cos the right answer (to myself) is just see if it was sprung!

Someone, drag him back in the studio.  


Beat me to everything.


finally some "useful" information... whats up with all the math?? Making me dizzy...



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