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Budget control room - advice needed

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Hi all,
I was directed to this forum by a helpful poster over at the Harmony Central recording forum where I posted the following quandary!

A friend and I have recently built a recording studio on a budget. We had a good band in a few weeks ago to test out the rooms and equipment etc. The live room sounds good - a little small but I referred to room mode analyses from the Master Handbook of Acoustics when coming up with the proportions and I'm happy with it.
The problem is with the control room. Due to space considerations, the control room is 6'4" x 17'8" with the monitors facing across the narrow span. You'll also see the splayed ceiling in the attached pic!
As you may have guessed, bass response in this room is highly compromised. Any rough mixes I've done here so far have major problems in the low end.
I did some basic testing this evening with a frequency analyser and let's just say, below 300hz looks messy. While testing, I placed a couple of our home made baffles (3'x4' wooden frames filled with rockwool and covered in hessian sacking) diagonally across the 2 corners nearest the monitors and it seems to have evened out the response a little - according to both the frequency analyser and my subjective appreciation of some listening material. The listening position still appears to be in a null for some frequencies and a 'hotspot' for others.
I've also been running the room dimensions thru some online mode analysis programs and to be honest, taking the splayed ceiling into account, I don't really know where to start with treating this room.
So, I'm guessing that the room needs corner traps at a minimum. But, we're at the limit of what we can spend here for the foreseeable future. We have plenty of 1/2" plywood sheets and some structural 4x2 timber etc. available but that's about it.
I'm hoping someone here can give me some good advice on how to put the materials available to good use and also that I haven't scared you all off with my uncouth and semi-professional approach!
Maybe slatted corner traps would work, I really don't know but thanks in advance for your replies,

Thomas Jouanjean:
Do you have basic plans and better quality pics available?

I can get plans up in the next day or 2.

edit:- I won't be in the studio for the next couple of weeks to get better photos but I'll make up the plans as accurately as possible including construction materials etc.

Hi again Thomas,
I've attached a plan and elevation of the control room. Please excuse my schoolboy draftsmanship!
You can also find these plans and pictures of the control room in my photobucket account. Just search for user adwall and they're in the StudioPlansandPics folder.
I hope this gives you a better idea of what I'm dealing with here. The more research I do, the more I'm realising that we're probably going to have to fabricate wall and ceiling absorbers as well as corner traps.
In any event, I hope you can steer me in the right direction having looked at my drawings. Many thanks in advance for your help,

edit:- these drawings are not to scale

Ethan Winer:
Just off-hand, one big problem I see is the speakers fire the short way across the room. That's a recipe for bad bass response, with comb filtering causing numerous peaks and deep nulls. The first thing I'd do is rotate the setup 90 degrees so the speakers fire the long way down the room. In this case I'd put the speakers at the left of the drawing facing toward the right.



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