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Eric H.:
Here are all the U67 schematics I got (from Neumann and the net) when I was searching for the one corresponding to my mic.
you will find here in the following order:
-U67 Telefunken
-U67 930-01
-NU67 Telefunken

Markus Sauschlager:
can be found here.

Markus Sauschlager:
For download of the brochure's pages in full resolution, first click on the "Herunterladen"-button above the selected picture, and then "Foto herunterladen"

If anyone has really detailed explanations of circuits, I'd love to see them on this thread too, especially for the often discussed circuits such as the U87, I'd really like to read an explanation that goes through and explains every part of the circuit in detail.

Here is a re-up of the Sony C38B schematic,




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