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Klaus Heyne:
Step right up and post your schematics, whether factory-issued or hand-drawn, here;
Please label them clearly (for example: "AKG C24 MK II"...

When perusing any of this material posted here, no claims of responsibility are made  by the poster, moderator, or host company of this site as to accuracy or potentially catastrophic mic (or human health) failure.

If you need circuit info that is officially sanctioned and blessed by the mic's manufacturer, approach the manufacturer (or its successor) directly.

And always remember when working on high voltages inside mics and power supplies- one hand works, and the other hand stays behind your back!

Now enlighten the community and post your treasures!

Markus Sauschlager:
Great idea Klaus!

Here we go:

Markus Sauschlager:

Markus Sauschlager:

Markus Sauschlager:


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