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a bit "commercial" for a topic around here, however, have you guys heard the singles?  best sounding production i've ever heard.  AND, it was mastered by our very own Brad Blackwood!!  

those mixes are stunning, and not fair at all.

have to admit, the sonics of the track i heard are amazing.  not a fan of the song at all.  i guess it's kind of like saying "the food didn't taste very good, but they used such good ingredients and prepared it so well, i want to like it."  

i'm being picky, but i think there's a little too much dist on too many thing for my taste in this kind of music.  still, it's pretty awesome sounding and wowing.


Rob Darling:
I haven't heard anything but the first single on YouTube, but I guess that's what happens when a band that's been together a long time and has tight songs has Mutt Lange make their record

For reference see:

The Cars
Bryan Adams
Def Leppard

surprise, surprise... the real drums are gone...

Rob Darling wrote on Tue, 21 September 2010 21:44
the real drums are gone...


Rob Darling:
You are right.  I had listened to three tracks of big songwriting bands in a row today before I found this post and lost my way in the sugary sweet pop haze....

'Hey Soul Sister' by Train was the track that did not have real drums... the Maroon 5 stuff still has the real drums.

mea culpa...

the real funny thing now that I've listened to some more of the Maroon 5 tracks is that it seems like they are now weighted toward the 'Sting circa Ten Summoner's Tales" chords that the singer had a tough time singing and had to be so uncomfortably auto-tuned on their previous stuff...

but it still sounds deeply infectious.


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