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Jecklin Disk - Favourite Classical Recordings?

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Thanks guys!

I'm very grateful to everyone who's replied to this thread - now I've certainly got  some recordings to check out.

When I've double-mic'd  12 to 20-piece commercial string sections  in the past with both JD and MS and compared the results, FWIW my own take has always been that the MS sounds more "hypey" and dramatic, - and thus referable for a lot of  pop tracks, and the JD sounds big and classy , but with not quite so much drama.


Blas wrote on Mon, 23 August 2010 05:08
Gwyn, I've used a self constructed jecklin disc for my 5.1 concerts over the passed 10 years and feel the use of the disc for my rear monitors are just beauiful for capturing the surround effect of the mature instruments and quality of the venue it was captured in.

I use two ADK 51TL's in omini mode with the disc and am very happy when I place them about 30 feet front the stage edge and about 15-20 feet up.  You pick-up very well developed waves.

Visit my control room and let it show you how wonderful surround can be!!!

Plus you can mix it into a stereo project and make it sound stunning in depth!


Joe, I've been fascinated with the idea of 5.1 recording  ( rather than just mixing...)  for ages. In order to actually do any I'm probably going to end up having to offer my services to some UK classical musicians  for free. Thanks for the invite - if I ever make it to St. Louis be sure I'll be beating a path to your door! Out of interest, may I please enquire the rest of your 5.1 recording rig apart from the JD?

Best regards,


Rich Mays wrote on Fri, 27 August 2010 02:14
tiller wrote on Thu, 26 August 2010 17:10
Not used one myself. However, to answer your question, I remember reading the Tak

Rich Mays:
Simon emailed me a description and pic-- Mk2S on a JD with a TLM170 on cello. That's all.



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