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I would be curious to hear the difference between your Jade with the K-7 and mine with the K-47. Ben offered me an "upgrade" to a new power supply and a K-7 capsule (for a price of course) which I couldn't afford at the time so I didn't do it. Maybe you would like to review the K-7 Jade in the Acid Test forum. Oh, and it would be interesting to hear a Rode with a Beesneez capsule in it as well.
jetbase wrote on Sun, 15 August 2010 21:18
Tim Halligan wrote on Mon, 16 August 2010 12:56
jetbase wrote on Mon, 16 August 2010 07:08

It'd also be nice if Rode came up with a really classy design as a flagship mic. I'm not saying I could afford to buy one, I just want something to be patriotic about.

I want to like Rode...just for the patriotism factor alone...but the truth is I've never heard a Rode mic that didn't suck.

I want to investigate Beezneez mics and see if they could fit the bill.


Hi Tim, I recently bought a Beesneez Jade (their lowest priced mic) with a K7 capsule. I've only tried it on female vocals so far & it did very well. It sounds quite natural, particularly in the top end where so many budget mics seem to get ugly. I'm looking forward to trying it on more sources. I have male vocals coming up next & later in the month will have the opportunity to try it on drums, bass, percussion, acoustic & electric guitars, so perhaps I could post my thoughts on this mic later in the year.

If they are compatible it would be interesting to hear a Rode valve mic with a Beesneez capsule. FWIW I personally don't think Rode mics "suck", at least the ones higher up in their range don't. It's just that they seem to be not quite 'there'. I know Dave Peach, formerly of Peach Audio, now works full time for Rode. I have no idea what he's working on but I'm very interested to find out what kind of developments he makes to the Rode range.


Hi deville. I'll write a review on the Jade w/K7 in about a month (or less) once I've finished tracking & mixing a current project.

Glenn, thanks again for the info. If I'm ever using the K2 again on acoustic I'll try fig-8.

Glenn Bucci wrote on Fri, 13 August 2010 22:34
...If you are looking for a nice sounding tube mic in the below $1,000 range,  I recommend checking out the K2.

That's interesting. Because I receive a regular supply of K2, NTV, and NTK (plus FET mics like the NT1000, NT1 and NT1A) for modification. While RODE has terrific industrial design and circuit implementation their capsules have a very consistently bright voicing many folks grow tired of and seek to re-voice.

Of those three, the K2, NTV,and NTK, i do think the K2 is not as brightly voiced as the other two.


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