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Tomas Danko:
Michael_Joly wrote on Wed, 08 September 2010 02:38
Glenn Bucci wrote on Fri, 13 August 2010 22:34
...If you are looking for a nice sounding tube mic in the below $1,000 range,  I recommend checking out the K2.

That's interesting. Because I receive a regular supply of K2, NTV, and NTK (plus FET mics like the NT1000, NT1 and NT1A) for modification. While RODE has terrific industrial design and circuit implementation their capsules have a very consistently bright voicing many folks grow tired of and seek to re-voice.

I couple the K2 with API mic preamps and dial the pickup pattern a tad towards figure-of-eight (i.e. 1 o clock). Since the high end of the K2 is a lot cleaner and less strident/hissy compared to the NTK (especially), what I get is a very open and clear sound and not at all bright.

As a matter of fact, I've never needed any EQ (besides lo-cut sometimes) during post on any project where I've used the K2 for VO. It just sounds right in context from the get go.

I feel that a K2, and even more so with the NTK, feeding something such as a Focusrite Platinum or Producer Pack mic preamp will give you exactly that bright and tiresome sound. But with a proper high quality mic preamp, it's not an issue IMHO.

A link, look at the PCB markings
This is from some time ago and I would not do the same changes now.

When I changed caps in my K2 I changed C9 and a few of the electros.

Didier Brest:
I found the K2 being nicely brighter than most of my other mics.
A shoot-out between the K2, the FLEA 49 and the Brauner Valvet here.


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