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Theft From My Shop: David John Hinson Pleads No Contest, is Sentenced

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J.J. Blair:
I do know this: Before the David Kulka situation, people involved with John were trying to get him to return to the UK for treatment under National Health.  He was suffering from very debilitating depression.  

I can find out about INS.  Also, anybody posting on John's behalf, whether a real person or a sock puppet, has to know that the people on this forum have easy access to knowing if that story is true or not, so I don't dismiss the story off hand.  Nor do I accept it, without question.  

Howard B. wrote on Sat, 05 February 2011 20:40
I merely wish to act in David's best interests which involves resolving outstanding issues.

Well Ace - you're off to a piss poor start on that task... if you were sincerely interested in being of assistance you would have contacted the parties that had logged a grievance privately in an attempt to settle the problem quietly rather than dragging this shit out into the public again.

While I sincerely wish Mr. Hinson the best of luck with his life and his future, I also sincerely hope he finds a better spokesperson.  Dragging this thread up from the dead is probably one of the stupidest things you could have possibly done from a "public relations" perspective.


Fletcher wrote
Dragging this thread up from the dead is probably one of the stupidest things you could have possibly done from a "public relations" perspective.


After I learned of Mr. Hinson's transgression against Mr. Kulka (who is as solid a gentleman as one could hope to meet -in ANY line of business) I learned about one other who -out of great dignity and decency is NOT posting here, who had also tried to help DJH.

After that, I spoke to another person about the sad turn of events, and it appears that this person may well have purchased some items from Mr. Hinson which were NOT Mr. Hinson's legal property to sell. -At the time, he thought it was just a GREAT bargain, and given Mr. Hinson's employer at the time, it wasn't entirely unfeasible. The items in question were BRAND NEW, it should be noted... and not V72's. Probably not worth raking everything up. Again.

If it came to anything such as a subpoena, I'd be prepared to share the information, but I have no wish to drag my friend into the whole viper's-nest of legal action, so I won't.

So why do I mention this now? -because I'm not 100% convinced that 'Howard' might not be DJH posting under a 'smokescreen' user name; Not a situation which I'd ordinarily consider so readily, but since DJH has a history of doing exactly that on this and other fora, I can't help but give it some consideration.

Anyhow, the more it drags on, and the more that things are exhumed and re-exposed to the bleaching sunlight of public discussion, the more that other people out there might also arrive at similar epiphanies.

If I could have one wish granted about all of this, please make it this: please make sure that David/John gets help. -I remember corresponding briefly with him years ago and discovering that he was about the same age as myself, and from the same part of the country. -I remember feeling glad that others from my area and era would be acting as 'ambassadors' for the English North-West. Unfortunately I'm saddened, but my main concern is that he -or his agents- should focus on healing, and not on addressing an understandably shredded public reputation.

I don't believe that Dan has acted in any way impatiently or indecently.

I don't believe that it's impossible we've not heard from everyone who may feel 'foolish' as a result of having their trust abused.

There's a lot I don't believe, it seems.

But most firmly of all, I don't believe that this line of action is in ANY way in "your client" DJH's best interest. Google "Adrian Gozun" to see why furthering public discussion can serve no useful purpose.

Keith Andrews

David Kulka:
I'm coming back to this thread a little late, as I didn't see the "Howard" replies and the other new ones until yesterday.

Last week I received an email from "Howard" asking for details of the civil case I had won against Hinson. I was amused by the florid language, which had that Nigerian "trying to sound official but not nearly succeeding" scammer vibe.

...and that boys and girls brings a conclusion to our broadcast day.

This thread will be locked, and NOT transferred to the "new forums" which will be going "100% live" on 1 March 2011.  This tripe will remain in the archives in perpetuity... one of the good or bad things about the internet depending on your perspective.

I hope you all have a lovely day.



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