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Theft From My Shop: David John Hinson Pleads No Contest, is Sentenced

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J.J. Blair:
The shame about this is this is that I really like John as a person.  And what really baffles me is that if he needed money, I can't understand why he would do work for me, and then not charge me..it's a shame.  He's a very talented, and kind guy...Too bad he couldn't find help, before this happened.

Sorry you had to go through that, David.  It was nice of you to help the guy out, and it sucks when you get burned for your good deeds.

David Kulka:
Well J.J., another hard learned lesson was "Beware of charmers telling sad stories". I can relate to all the things you said. A very common trait among those who con is that they are engaging and likable, even (seemingly) generous.

It seems like a contradiction but it's not, because the things that draw you in are a superficial performance -- another part of the game. It sounds to me like you were lucky, and thanks to timing or God knows what else, your did not end up being a target.

It's not kindness. It's manipulation, and it's classic.

(I think I'm side tracking my own thread, so I'll leave it there.)


Yeah... very sad.
I've had nothing but good dealings with him, since ten years ago. He's helped me out with DIY and tech issues, given me parts for free, etc.

I had very limited contact with him over the years; I unsderstand that David Keane took him in and was good to him at a time when he -apparently- was having some significant medical problems... I don't know for certain, but I suspect that David too may have had a bad experience in the end...

The most shocking aspect of my interactions with DJH was my impression of how much we had in common. -Now with the subsequent news, I'm left with a 'dirty' feeling.

It seems that DJH was able to take advantage of some of the nicer people out there... (the two Davids being classic examples of great people who LOVE their vocation!) and that just makes it all the more repulsive.

-It doesn't really restore any of the 'damage' done, but at least it might be a deterrent to think that thieves never prosper.


Jim Williams:
Under US Immigration law, if a naturalized citizen commits a felony they can be stripped of citizenship and sent back to whence they came from. If a resident alien, they are deported.

Of course, since immigration laws are not enforced, he will be released very soon due to California prison overcrowding. 40,000 other convicted felons are set to be released shortly here from a Federal judge's order to stop overcrowding.

Therefore he will soon be released back into the general population to continue his life of crime. Crime pays in California under this system.


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