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Chris Ilett:
J - I can host this for you. I'll give you a unique FTP address to use, if you've got Filezilla you can access it.

Download will be via a domain of J's choosing (www.imp.oneofmydomains.com/imp25.rar) or something.

Or - use Drop.io with a password

Or - DropBox, and request invite to join the folder.



Siaip Ciuvas:
how much server space is needed?

Siaip Ciuvas wrote on Fri, 12 November 2010 16:02
how much server space is needed?

about 2 gig, probably less.  that would be per IMP.

it needs to be easy to use.  something with a web based interface, so FTP clients are unnecessary.

Siaip Ciuvas:
right, then I can't help

Hey I just built a studio FTP. Wanna use that?


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