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Going Out Of Business Sale !!

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I have mixed feeling about this posting.  With some sadness (but a great deal of fond memories), I think our little forum has outlived its usefulness.  

Prosoundweb has been a great experience for me and I will continue to offer what advice I can in the other forums here.

Old audio engineers never die; they just lose their hearing.

Good luck out there Harv, it's been a pleasure being associated with you.

Thanks to both of you for your work here, we hope you guys will stick around and continue to share your experience and wisdom with us.

I for one hate to see Budjet go away...

compasspnt wrote on Fri, 25 June 2010 19:01
I for one hate to see Budjet go away...

+1 .
I've learned a ton from you guys. Thank you .


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