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Has anyone laid hands to AKG C5900 and SHURE SM137(KSM109)


Sukhum Sombat:
I has one of broken AKG C5900 mic (older version than present which has burnt capacitor due to console's supply failure. I would need to replace 3 capacitors in there but can't figure out the capacitant value of them. Do anyone have them? (Look at official service manaul doesn't tell me any value.)

Another one is SHURE SM137 (Newer KSM109)which its preamp are completely damaged as I can't trace the signal path. (They're burnt!)

If it's impossible to find, can there be any substitute circuit?

I believed their capsules still work well. I can't see any blemish or shrink on their diaphrams.


PS. Please forgive my poor English    


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