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wavelab 6,, newbie question,,, please help


          so I'm trying to record some lengthy dj sets for some friends at 24 bit 96k. the recording always stops just around an hour, just under four gigs, if i change the settings to 24/44.1k i can get a little over three hours. so i set the program to use timed recording for 24 hours.. when i hit record at 24/96 the program says time remaining 51 min left but disk capacity is 67 hours left. if i change to 24/44.1k time remaining is 3 hours left and disk space is 146 hours. reading all that i could find in various forums some say this is a limitation to the wav file, but wavelab 6 should be able to work around this.. others say use wave64 to avoid this problem, but i get the same results,, what am i doing wrong? any help will be greatly appreciated,, i tried this on three different computers with three different sound cards,, 2 were running xp with service pack 3,, the other windows 7 ultimate,,, all 32 bit operating systems with 4 gigs of ram,, ntfs formatted hard drives with 100+ gigs available for recording ether on a separate partition than the os or a complete separate drive.. disk quota turned off on all....      thanks again for any help that you pro's may be able to offer....

There's a file size limit for WAV files. 2GB if i remember correctly.
See the program's preferences and check if you can record in the Wave64 file type. It allows for files larger than the WAV limit.


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