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Small clean inexpensive mixer for studio monitors


I need a mixer for my studio monitors.

Required Inputs are as follows:

2 rca inputs from PC soundcard
2 rca inputs from laptop

The following would be nice to have but
are not required:

optional: 1/4 from instruments...
optional: XLR mic input

Is there a small clean inexpensive ( under $100 )
mixer that wouldn't affect the sound much and
allow me to control the levels of my powered
Dynaudio Bm6A active monitors?

Preferably something I could easily buy used.

I tried a behringer eurorack but the fidelity wasn't
good enough.

Until now I've been using an old Fostex 450 semi-pro mixer
and it has been reasonably clean sounding
but now it has died.

thank you

I'd try one of the small Mackie or Yamaha mixers.


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