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Author Topic: hot hot heat in the studio w/dave sardy  (Read 2302 times)


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hot hot heat in the studio w/dave sardy
« on: August 06, 2004, 03:02:20 PM »

if i were a street teamer, this would look like total spam, but since it's a bunch of recording nerds (i'm including myself in that description) i thought many of you would find this interesting....  recording w/sardy @ larabee etc....  it's indie rock, it's recording related....

ps yes i'm on the hot hot heat mailing list, thier rhythm section is awesome. go ahead, make fun of me. Smile


Hey everyone! We've been so busy lately but I don't want you to think we've forgotten about you at all! But it is about time that I filled you in on what we've been up to lately, so here goes...

We flew into LA about five weeks ago and checked into this bizarre reality TV-style place monopolized by child stars and Blind Date candidates. We immediately started pre-production with Dave Sardy at Cole Studios where we rehearsed and refined the 15 songs that made the cut from our 25 demos. After a couple of intense weeks, we chose the final twelve... with a little heartbreak over the lost three (which should hopefully show up as B-sides on the singles).

Then, we started tracking the drums at the legendary Sound City (Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) and we played along with Paul while he recorded all his parts. Jamie from the Unicorns also flew in to hang out with us at the studio for a few days which was a cool surprise. We had a guy known as the 'Drum Doctor' working on the drum sound with us who was incredible... he gave us 'The Terminator' (the snare he also used there for Nirvana's Nevermind) for a few songs. After we finished the drums, we had a few days off while Dave was getting married so we took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and check out a few shows (Modest Mouse, Walkmen, Jet and Sloan). A friend of ours, Carrick, from Everybody Else, was doing a solo show at Spaceland with Emily from Metric and I decided at the last second to join Carrick on piano and vocals while he sang a Push Kings' song. It reminded me of how much we need to start playing live again!

Last week Dustin recorded all his bass parts at Larrabee studios, the place where we'll be for the next few weeks. It's the coolest studio we've ever used... it has an amazing pool table too. We've rediscovered our obsession with pool... and developed a new one with an old Arkanoid machine. Dante and I will start the guitar and vocals next week and that, along with the piano, organ and additional percussion, will take us up to the end of August. Now that we've laid the foundation of the recording, we're beginning to hear how the album is going to sound and it's really cool to hear the efforts of the last six months finally come into fruition. It's starting to feel like it's going to be a way bigger leap from Make Up the Breakdown than we had anticipated and we can't wait for you guys to hear it.

The record will either be out by the end of November, or January (at the latest), and it shouldn't be long until we're back on the road again. So in the meantime, we'll let you know more details as soon we know them!

See you soon... Steve xo


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Re: hot hot heat in the studio w/dave sardy
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2004, 04:25:53 PM »

xonlocust wrote on Fri, 06 August 2004 14:02

ps yes i'm on the hot hot heat mailing list, thier rhythm section is awesome. go ahead, make fun of me. Smile

Laughing i think this is a funny comment after the whole disco thread. hot hot heat puts an interesting show... their lead singer reminds me of a little indie bruce springsteen as he prances around the stage. and he definately prances... sorry, random thought... but seriously they aren't that shabby, his voice though... at first i hated it, then i loved it, and now i'm indifferent, i've just grown away for the saccharine sweet indie mod pop... if you dig that sound then you should check out the deathray davies, they are a dallas band that i was forced to endure once again last night since they opened for the oh so perfect centro-matic of whom i am unable to speak enough praise.
mogwai love you and need you
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